A Toronto girl born and raised, a Montrealer at heart, it was only a matter of time till Andrea Montle fled for La Belle Provence. She spent three gruelling years at Collège Lasalle in the Fashion Design program and managed to graduate with all of her designs featured in the school's fashion show, Signature 2011. For the section of the program entitled Cocons, Andrea let her creative spirit shine with her show-stopping, all-white knit dress, more importantly the stepping-stone for her inaugural, post-school collection, entitled Aah Jee. Aah Jee’s F/W 2011 collection of loosely woven, highly delicate knits were curated for O.P.P Galerie et Boutique. She then went on to elaborate her Jailbait collection for Toronto’s ShopNowhereland. Most recently she was the head designer for a start-up menswear collection of blazers, doing everything from design to fabric sourcing to pattern drafting and sample development. In the fall of '13, she was asked to submit to Montreal's Fashion Pop competition, showcasing a circus themed collection of six looks at the Rialto Theatre. Andrea continues to elaborate her portfolio with work that is dark and ethereal, a slight femininity, a whole lotta-sexy and just the right amount of in-your face attitude.

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